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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"That's a Really Funny Story!"

Alright. Funny story time. After a much needed bath (we roasted hot dogs and smores at a campground tonight), the kids were getting pjs on and getting ready for bed. Jopes went back to the kids' room to check on their progress and came back with this story:

The camping pads have been pulled out for a few nights, and the kids had slept on them and the floor last night. Jopes told the kids he wanted them to each sleep in their own beds tonight though, and Everlit said, "Here's the thing. I'm gonna sleep here (on the camping pads) and Eva sleeps up there (on Joseph's top bunk)..." and she didn't get to finish because try as he might, Jopes just couldn't keep from laughing and she stopped when she heard him.

Yes, our children get away with way too much. We know. But you know what? Sometimes you've just gotta laugh and go with it because all too soon, they will not be 4 years old anymore.

Have a happy rest of the week!

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  1. Smiles all around! Thanks for sharing the fun.