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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Little Moments

Recently, Jopes and I were talking about our favorite parts of family get-togethers and reunions. Almost always, we agree that the best parts are the small moments when we're casually visiting with someone, rather than the big events. I've been thinking about those small moments in the home lately as well. As I was looking through some pictures tonight, I happened upon some and thought I'd share.
The time my mom went sledding with me and the kids. 
It was probably the last thing she wanted to do, but I'll always admire her for it.

The times my hubby and I get to snuggle each other or the kids.

Time with extended family.

Spontaneous family adventures.

The girls and the boys.

And especially these moments when my children are helping each other and playing happily together. 

"[Families] are that they might have joy" (2 Nephi 2:25).

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