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Monday, June 15, 2015

A Family Night to Remember

Tonight, for Family Night, the kids and I learned about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. We had a great discussion on the blessings that the Lord has promised those who honor the Sabbath and the things that are expected more than just "not working" to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

Then, since daddy was working tonight, we got some dinner and took it to eat at work with him. We shared a summary of what our lesson was about and then ate our yummy food. While eating, Ariana, who was sitting on my lap, suddenly reached forward and grabbed the container of warm sauce. It spilled a little on the table and onto my hand as I reached to stop her, and I jokingly exclaimed, "Who said you could have hands??" I think I meant something more along the lines of, "Who said you could have such quick hands," but the first is what actually came out. Joseph, never missing a beat, calmly set me straight with a single word.... "God."  

I love my children! There are a lot of moments when I feel that I am at my wits end with them, but then I am reminded that I am literally living my lifelong dream of being a wife and mother every single day! I couldn't be more blessed. I have an amazing husband and 4 of the most incredible children ever. And I am sealed to them for eternity! Today and every day is just a glimpse of the forever joy and happiness that we get to experience together. I'm grateful for the reminders that make me pause long enough to cherish the small moments of these years that are going by way too fast.

When's the last time you stopped to smell the roses of your life?

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