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Monday, December 22, 2008

White Christmas

I'm getting my first white Christmas
whether I like it or not!
See, the cars are covered
with fluffy white stuff
and it's very cold outside
[it's very cold outside!]

I'm getting my first white Christmas
and I'm not quite sure how I feel...
it is very pretty but the wind is nippy
and I'm just a Mesa girl!

I'm getting my first white Christmas
I prayed for it for many years
but since it gets colder each night
I am doing my best to stay inside!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Shopping!

In the beginning of December,
Joseph and I made a paper chain to count down for Christmas.
However, rather than label each day
with the number of days until Christmas,
we supplied a Christmas-time activity for each night.
It's been a lot of fun. We have family night/date night every night!!
I'm thinking we need to make a chain for
every month!
Anyway, tonight's activity was to go do our Christmas shopping.
One of the things we got is a puzzle to start off our family's tradition--
we want to do a new puzzle as a family every year for Christmas.

We wanted to get the "Autumn Whitetails" puzzle, but alas, it was not available.
So, this year's puzzle is "Time Well Spent." 750 pieces.
(This picture shows 700, but our box definitely says 750)
We decided to start it tonight, but realized that we have a problem--
we don't have a table big enough to hold the entire puzzle!
Our apartment was partially furnished, though mostly unfurnished.
Still, there used to be a kitchen table in it,
but it disappeared when the last tenants left... so we don't have one.

Nonetheless, we are excited about our puzzle and
our first Christmas as a family of our own.
I am so grateful that I married an incredible man
who loves and cherishes me so dearly.
It makes all our time together wonderful.
I'm so happy that I get to spend eternity with him.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The First Snow

Technically, this is the second snow, but the first one was really random back in October and then it got warm again, so I don't think it counts as the official first snow. That being said, here are a few pictures of my wonderful husband shoveling the sidewalks during the first snow, and one of our car, GG, covered in the first snow. Poor GG!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

It's not done yet, but we've got our Christmas tree up and the lights and tree topper are on it! We've also got the nativity that my parents gave us up. It looks great. Hooray for Christmas! "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" :)

A few fun ornaments we have yet to put on the tree.

My Champion

Joseph played on a competitive frisbee team this semester and absolutely loved it. Not only that, but his coaches loved him! They were always saying how they love that he just "plays smart." I love going to watch him play... it's fun being the wife of the best player on the field! ;)

Anyway, Joseph's team won all but one of their games and made it to the championship finals. It was Joseph's team (the Titans) verse the Wildcats. It was a good game. The teams took turns being in the lead, it seemed. Still, the best team won in the end-14 to 10. Titans not only took the championship, they only lost one game all season.

Go Titans!