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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sad Day...

There has been a death in the family.

Sometime this morning, Cosmo the fish passed away.
A few days ago, one of the rocks forming the cave collapsed, and we think that it scraped Cosmo on its way down. Shortly after the collapse of the cave, we noticed that Cosmo had a scrape near his top fin and was missing a few scales. We watched him closely the next couple days, but he just wasn't the same. He didn't come to eat out of our hand, he didn't try to fight his own reflection, and his color was pale rather than dark and pretty like normal. Poor Cosmo just hid behind the rocks and trees. So, when we found him upside down this morning, we were not surprised, though very very sad.
Joseph will miss him eating out of his hand.
Elizabeth will miss watching his fun personality.
Little Joseph has yet to figure out that there are actually fish in that funny lighted box that we're always holding him up to, but Cosmo is missed nonetheless.

On a happier note, here are a couple videos of
little Joseph and his latest discoveries:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Operation: Update!!

Alright, so I've been a big slacker in the blogging department... 
time to catch up!

School is going alright. It's been working surprisingly well to switch off with Joseph inbetween classes. Both Jopes and I WISH we didn't have school, but we want our education... we'll just be glad when we get it done! Other than school, our lives are consumed by little Joseph. He is our everything. We just love him and know that he's the cutest baby in the world!

Little Joseph is growing like a weed! He's getting so big! At his 2 month appointment, he was 11lbs, 2oz (35 percentile) and 23.5" tall (71 percentile). He seems so tall to me. A lot of his clothes would still fit the width of him, but he's too tall for them, so we've had to
 retire some of them. 
It's been a lot of fun getting to know him better as his personality has started to come out. He still always wants to be moving. In fact, I think that if he had things his way, he'd be running around already! Thankfully though, he has to be patient and grow little by little (in my opinion, it's still happening too fast!) 
He's learning all about his hands nowaday. He pulls them in close to his face, examines them, and then sucks on them. 
He LOVES going for a swim in the bathtub! All I do is hold his 
head and the rest of his body floats. So, I do just that- I hold his head, and he kicks off the wall and just floats around. It's great! We haven't gotten video of it yet, but we will!! 
The sound of water running is his favorite. He absolutely loves it, which means mom can shower while dad's gone to class. All I have to do is put him in his bouncer in the bathroom while I shower and he sits there content as could be! 
We've gotten him to play with his toy caterpillar the last couple days. He loves it, but the thing he loves more than anything is talking and playing with mom and dad. 
There is nothing more amazing than his smiles. He just brightens our entire beings with his happy noises and faces. We are so glad he's part of our lives.

First Time Flyer!

He's got a stroller now, but there's definitely room for him to grow!

I can't believe how long he is!

We tried some overalls on him. 
They were a little big, but he's still the cutest little farm boy ever!

His favorite toy... Mr. Caterpillar!
Joseph played with him for the first time the other day. He hasn't quite worked out how to grab it, but he can lift it up to his face and suck on it if we put it on his arms.  :)

Joseph LOVES sitting up like a big boy!

Look how good he is at holding up his head!

{: excuse the spit up on his shirt... that happened right before the pics were taken :}

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Joseph Smiles... again!

We caught him again! This time he's making lots more noises and it's very cute!