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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Last 30 Days

I was looking at pictures we've taken recently, and realized I haven't shared any in a while. So, here ya go. Pictures from the last 30 days... May 20th-June 20th. :)

Oh, and a couple things I'd like to add, though I don't yet have pictures:
1) Joseph loves the carousel at the park. We've been riding it lots. He tells us almost every day that he wants to ride the horses. And then he tells us which color horse he wants, and while he's riding he says things like, "Woohoo!," "Giddyup!," and "Yeehaw!"
2) Everlit loves the splash park just as much as Joseph does. Even if it's cold! Today for example, I was holding her hands to help her walk, and she walked right over to the little baby spouts, right up to her favorite one, and plopped herself down to play in it. She tries to grab the water over and over again and just loves getting wet.
3) We got a go-ped for Jopes to ride to work, frisbee, etc. Our poor car has been getting bad gas mileage lately, and we were spending more than usual on gas. So, now he gets 100 miles to the gallon, and I am no longer stranded at home without the car. Oh. And, apparently he really wanted a go-ped when he was a little boy, so now he's finally got one. And let me tell you, the look on his face when he first rode it around was great. Dream come true.

And that's about all folks! Oh well, if you haven't seen our garden updates and you'd like to, you should look here.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Date Ideas, Anyone??

For my class Wednesday night, I'm supposed to come with 4 great date ideas.
2 for before marriage,
and 2 for after marriage.

Any suggestions??

What have some of your favorite dates been?