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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Story

Once upon a time, a family moved to a different part of town, not too far away from their last house. Still, they were suddenly in a new ward, in a new stake. There was a 15 year old girl in this family, who found herself liking the new Bishop's 17 year old son! He (Joseph) was a senior in high school, she (Elizabeth) was a sophomore.
The two became friends by hanging out with the same group of kids during lunch (a group of boys from their ward). When Joseph's cousin, Jessica, moved to town, she and Elizabeth became fast friends. Also, when the second semester rolled around, Joseph and Elizabeth were put in the same seminary class! These things only made their friendship stronger. A bunch of their friends turned 16, so the group planned a big group date.
On May 1st, Joseph and Elizabeth went on their first date. On May 2nd, they went to church, where a rumor started, saying that the two may have held hands during their date the night before! They hadn't, but the whole ward seemed to be questioning them. (Thanks a lot, Daniel Morris!) On May 3rd, Jessica told Elizabeth that she had talked with her cousin the night before about all the rumors that were going around. Joseph had admitted to liking Elizabeth, but he wasn't sure what to do about it. After all, he was her home teacher at the time! Elizabeth was worried Joseph would start acting "weird" around her, but when 1st period seminary came, Joseph walked in and greeted Elizabeth with a smile; same as always. After another date, and a whole lot of "hanging out," the two became, according to their friends, "an item."
Well, not long after their relationship was established, Joseph graduated from high school, and a little while after that, he moved to BYU-Idaho to begin college. On labor day, Elizabeth and her mom headed up to Rexburg. Her mom needed to visit with a distant cousin about geneology stuff, and he just happened to live near Rexburg! Elizabeth, however, got to spend the entire day with her boyfriend. The entire day was fun. They ate dinner at Gringos, and Joseph talked about Joseph's upcoming mission, and how he did not want her to miss out on any high school experiences by having a boyfriend on a mission. Deciding it was the best thing, Joseph and Elizabeth broke up.
Just kidding! When Joseph left on his mission, he and Elizabeth wrote to each other as the best of friends. Two years later, she was finishing her first semester at BYU-Idaho, and he was coming home on March 9th. The next semester, he moved back to BYU-Idaho, and the two found out they were going to be neighbors, living just around the corner from each other. It didn't take long (about 2 weeks) for them to start dating again.
They went on their second 1st date on Thursday of their first week back to Rexburg. On Sunday, they went on a walk to "talk." After asking how she felt about him after the last two years, she expressed her surprise at how quickly her feelings for him and the memories of all the fun they had had back in high school had come back to her upon seeing him again. He expressed the same, but added a little twist. "I don't plan on holding any girl's hand or anything for a while. I want to make sure that the girl I date (and eventually marry) is my best friend first." Five days later, Joseph and Elizabeth were at a concert with some friends. Before the night was over, they had discussed the fact that they would both like to be dating each other, and with a sigh of giving up, Joseph grabbed Elizabeth's hand. :) It was still a perfect fit! Long story short(er), they dated that entire semester, and by July or August, they were confident they wanted to be married.
The weekend before Thanksgiving, Joseph surprised me and officially proposed at the Mona Lisa restaurant, in Nampa, Idaho.
On March 29 2008, we were married in the Mesa Temple for Time and All Eternity.
Now, four months later, we live in a basement apartment in Rexburg, Idaho. We are both attending BYU-Idaho, and are living that wonderful, penniless, exciting, newly-wed life.
Around March 20 2009, we are expecting an addition to our family. We couldn't be more excited. :)