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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My First Sewing Project!

My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas. (Thanks, Mama!)
So, I decided that it would be fun to make something... I was thinking a blessing dress for our little girl, but the winning project ended up being sheets for the kids' beds!

We got a cradle for the new baby when she comes, so I made the sheet for her first, and it turned out PERFECT! I couldn't be happier with it.
I was nervous about getting the elastic and everything right, and I did! YaY!
I was so pleased, I let Jopes take my picture. :-P
And here is the finished product, just waiting for a little baby to come! :)
Next, I tried doing one of the sheets for Joseph's bed. He still mostly sleeps in his crib, but we wanted to get a toddler bed for when we move the new baby to the crib. Being so excited about my new project, we went ahead and got it. Anyway, we got two materials for him, since they were the same theme, just different patterns. I still have to make the second sheet, but here is the first.
Oh. And the sides are brown, because we found out we didn't have enough material to make the whole sheet out of the patterned material. AHH! So, we went to Walmart and just bought some brown for the sides. This sheet didn't fit as snug as the cradle sheet. It's a little too loose, so it kind of slides around on the bed. I hope the second sheet turns out better. We'll see!
Regardless of the fit, Joseph loves his new sheet! He points at all the animals on it and says, "boo! boo!" (his noise for what a cow says)
Pretend I'm not in this one, and it's cute to see him sleeping in his "big boy" bed. He thinks he's so cool. :D
We love our little guy!

Lots of Pictures from April... with more to come!! :D

Here's a little of what we (especially little Joseph) have been up to lately...

Finally, pictures from Little Joseph's Birthday!

We're playing a little bit of catch-up, so don't be surprised if there are suddenly a bunch of new posts with pictures! :)

~March 17, 2009~
Joseph Hord Free
blessed our home with his arrival

~March 17th 2010~
We celebrated his 1 year birthday down in Utah with TONS of family from both sides.
Some of us went down to Sweet's Candy Factory in Salt Lake and did their tour there.
We got to wear these awesome birthday hats:
When family came over that afternoon, we played Don't Eat Pete!
Aunt Becca and Grandpa Free made this totally cool lookin' cake...
the middle had a hidden compartment of m&ms!
Joseph got lots of great gifts from everyone. He still loves them all!
He had lots of helpers in opening them, too. :D
The last part of his party was watching him play in his cake.
Unfortunately, we only have video of the actual thing and it's pretty long...
he was pretty tired by this time though, so he was pretty timid.
A Happy Birthday Boy...
Tuckered out after a day all about him. :)
We love our little Joseph so much and are so happy to be his parents!
Happy Birthday Joseph!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Poor Abandoned Blog...

I know, our blog has been abandoned... lots to show and tell. We've been busy busy with little Joseph turning 1, me finishing my semester, and LOTS of cleaning! We've been going through all the boxes, drawers, and everything in our house, trying to get more organized. It feels good to have so much done! Oh, and this coming semester is sure to be a busy one for us, too. Jopes and I will both be in school, Jopes will be working the early morning custodial job on campus, as well as serving in our ward bishopric. He was sustained and set apart last week. It will be an adventure with little Joseph in sacrament meetings. I know that as soon as he figures out his daddy is up on the stand, it'll be a struggle to keep him from running up to him and distracting everyone. But it's an adventure we're ready to embrace, I guess... Wish us luck!

And I will post more and pictures in the near future!!