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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on Our Little Joseph

Joseph is just about 16 months old.
We went to the doctor today and here are his stats:
Age: 1 year 3 months
Height: 30.5 inches ~ 26%
Weight: 19.4 pounds ~ 1%
Word Count: 10ish ~ not sure if I've forgotten any
Ma-ma ~ he says this for me, and just about anything else, including his dad
Da-da ~ sometimes Dad-dy
Hi ~ most times it's just a wave, but he's said it when pretending to talk on the phone
Ba-ba ~ bye-bye, with a cute wave of his hand
Ow ~ said very carefully, almost like an Oh
Uh-Oh! ~ usually after throwing/dumping his food or crayons or something all over
Whoo-hoo! ~ with his arms up in the air
Uh-huh ~ an excited noise and shaking of his fists when he's saying yes
No ~ accompanied by the shaking of his head a whole bunch of times
Wow ~ sounds like his Ow, but with the W in front
More ~ especially used at mealtimes
Mwah ~ when blowing or giving kisses
Monkey noise ~ points at his chest with his fingers and says, "ee-ee!"
Lion noise ~ whispered "ah"
Cow noise ~ "boo"
Snake noise ~ "ssss"

His version of sign language isn't quite ASL, but he signs:
Hi ~ waves his hand
Bye-bye ~ waves his hand
Blows kisses ~ moves one hand away from mouth
Thank you ~ very similar to blowing kisses
Please ~ rubs his two hands together as if brushing them off
More ~ either the same as please, or he claps his fingertips together
Drink ~ rubs his index finger on his thumb
Yay ~ claps his hands
Come here, or Give it to me ~ opens and closes his hand like he's beckoning you
Come with me ~ he pulls on your finger and guides you to what he wants
Where is it? ~ shrugs with two hands in the air
Tickle ~ he swipes your neck with his hand and sniggers
High five ~ gives a high five
Knuckles ~ winds up and punches your knuckles with his little fist
All done ~ two hands in the air
Amen ~ same as 'all done'

Overall, our baby boy is healthy and happy!

He went from having 5 teeth to 10 in just a week, and he is still popping out some more, poor kid. The Monday before we went out of town, he got a 104 fever. He was so sad, hot, and miserable. Finally, he started feeling better Thursday afternoon.

One of his favorite big boy things to do is to feed himself... he's getting better, but we've had quite our share of mealtime messes, as you can see below:
Pudding! YUM!

This is fresh corn on the cob... just shucked, not cooked at all. He polished it off, though! He loves corn on the cob.

Joseph LOVES ice-cream! This was during our Utah trip. Everyone was having sundaes, and he ate 3 bowls of ice-cream. They were Joseph-sized bowls, (so just a couple spoonfuls) but still!

He helped me make cookies the other night... sort of. This is his version of helping:
'They're gonna be good, mom!'
I know what you're thinking... we feed our child so healthy... he DOES eat fruits and veggies and all that good stuff, I promise!

Time to clean up!
He usually gets a bath to clean up, but this time we used the sink. To him it doesn't matter, as long as he gets to play in the water!
Joseph loves other kids. He has some cute, fun friends that he likes to play with. He's his father's son, in that he loves frisbees and balls. He thinks he has rights to any and all of them. He also enjoys water and rocks-either together or separate, he can play forever. He never took a binki much as a baby, but once he started teething again (after his first 4 teeth) he found it comforting. So, he loves his binki now, but still only needs it when he's tired for the most part. He finds my hair very comforting as well. When he's tired, you know it because he'll suddenly want to hold your hair. He recognizes the scriptures, Jesus, and prayer. And he likes for mom and dad to sing to him before bed, followed by a kiss from each of us. Yes, I walk out of his room each night almost in tears because he's so precious and sweet. We love our little Joseph and are so happy to be his parents. I think there is no joy greater than that of being a parent.