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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Happened...

Marker on the wall. Orange PERMANENT marker. On the wall.

The culprit? Guess who:

BUT!! With a little phone call for advice and the use of these:

My wall once again looks like this:

I guess you could say we have officially begun the adventures of the terrible twos.
But I gotta say, I still love this little boy like crazy:

Not only that, but we have also begun the adventure of teething. Again.
Only with this little one this time:
isn't she so cute??

I love these two, and I love that they are best friends.

~ ~ ~

And on another happy note, Jopes and I hit 3 YEARS yesterday!
And let me tell you, BEST 3 YEARS OF MY LIFE! Not that the others were bad...
Here's to eternity!



  1. Congrats on 3 years! And thanks for the tips on getting rid of permanent marker....Lucy is only 6 months old but I know those terrible twos are not far off:)

  2. I love the "guess who" picture! And I'm glad you had that handy bottle of elbow grease lying around =)

    Congrats on 3 years!!! That's awesome! =D