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Monday, March 21, 2011

Anybody know?

About double strollers? We want one. I've been researching and checking places like KSL, craigslist, and the school bulletin board, but I'm curious if anyone out there can recommend a good one? Just wondering.


Oh, and P.S. My baby boy turned 2! Pics and such to come soon!


  1. We bought a Phil & Ted stroller that converts into a double stroller. You can come on over and check it out if you want! It really is an amazing stroller, the only draw back is that it's pretty expensive. Joe saved up for a long time in order to get it for me for Christmas.

  2. I have a Graco Duo Glider (The link isn't the exact same one as mine, but it's close):

    I found it on Craigslist for $50! I got really lucky because they retail for a lot more. For a double stroller, it's longer rather than side-by-side, so it can get through doors and things a lot easier. We've taken it on vacations and to the zoo, mall, grocery store, and it's worked great. I like it because you can clip the infant car seat either in the front or the back, and it has a lot of storage underneath.
    Any double stroller you get is going to be a lot bulkier and heavier that a regular one. Our trunk has to be relatively empty if we want to put the stroller in it. That's the most annoying thing about it. But, i would recommend it for a double stroller. we like ours a lot.