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Friday, March 4, 2011

4 - 1 = just us 3

Yep, Jopes left this morning to go to Las Vegas for a frisbee tournament. In the past, we've always gone with him, but not this time. :'(

He'll get home sometime very early Sunday morning. It may not seem like that's too long to be without him, but we kind of really really like our daddy. Joseph asks for him every day when he's gone to work, and he's already asked me 3 times for daddy to come home.

So wish us luck 'til daddy gets home! 'Cause we miss him.

Oh, and P.S. Here are some pictures from his birthday, February 24th.
Birthday Highlights:
Birthday Breakfast
"Painting" the snow with food coloring added into water balloons
Texas Sheet Cake and Ice Cream
Surprise frisbee game at the school with 12-15 frisbee friends!

He said it was a great day. Yay! Mission accomplished!

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