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Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Wish List

Once Upon A Time {November 2010}, I told my husband that what I wanted for my birthday was a day to clean. For him to take the kids for a few hours so that I could really clean the house and make some sort of dent in my someday I'm gonna get that done list. He laughed. He thought I was kidding. "If anything, I should make you leave so I can clean the house for you for your birthday." Don't get me wrong, that's very sweet of him. BUT. Seriously, I have this mental list of things that would make my heart SO happy to get done. And I think my home would feel happy too. So here it is. My new wish list.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas and New Years and Valentines Day and St. Patrick's Day and Easter and Summer Vacation and the 4th of July and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas next year etc., I would like time and MOTIVATION to get these things done {in no particular order}:
1. File all those papers that are stuffed on the top of my bookcases
2. Organize the random junk in all the drawers of my house
3. Purge my closet of all the clothes I never wear because they are the wrong size, or I don't like them, or they make me feel boring and frumpy {my husband says I'm not allowed to use that word regarding myself, but it's just true-so don't tell him}
4. Scrub and scrub and scrub the bathroom floor. About a million times, because I know that one section can be cleaner than it gets when I just mop it {Ugh}
5. Take things to D.I.
6. Decorate my kids' room and make Everlit's sheets for her crib
7. Go through the kids' clothes and put away the ones that are too small
8. Move the TV to our bedroom so my son will stop asking for a movie EVERY minute of EVERY day
9. Deep clean everything
10. Get my hair permed so I can have non-frumpy hair {4 hours, 30 bucks, and a prayer that the student I get does a good job-Blah}

To sum things up, Santa, if you'll just make me NOT LAZY so I can be a better wife and mother, I think I can handle the rest.



  1. It's like you read my mind! How about this... I will take your kids for a day and you can get stuff done and then you take mine for a day so I can get stuff done and then our husbands can get us actual gifts (shiny things and the sort). Seriously, lets do it. Call me.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth - I feel your pain! I have been thinking about you the past few days, what with your blog posts (which I am late to read), and FB status...I am right there with you. My list is pretty much the same as this. In fact, I have a document called "Endless To Do" that Reid makes fun of me for. It has been a battle (against myself) over the past year to try to cut things out of that list. It is so hard to let go, but crucial to making progress with my life/children. I hope you can find some peace!