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Friday, December 3, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

And it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, too!
And that is something like a 360 degree tour of our front room. We're staying here for Christmas and doing our own thing... whatever that may be. Ha! We're actually really excited to have our own little Christmas. We want to blend traditions from both our families, as well as start some of our own. It'll be interesting to see what we come up with in the end. I'm sure it'll change a little each year. But honestly, the part I'm most excited for is focusing solely on spending quality time with these beautiful persons...

What are you looking forward to this Christmas season?
Really, I wanna know! ;)


  1. your little girl is seriously a doll, still loving her name! hope you have a great christmas with you little family.

  2. Wow, you got a lot more snow than us for sure! Cute decorations! Your blog is adorable! Did you know that I have one too? We were so glad we got to see your CUTE family a couple weeks ago! ~Aunt Jen

  3. Elizabeth and Jopes,
    I love your blog and pictures. You are so creative and fun! Love, mama