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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our ward did a trunk-or-treat, which was really more of a chair-or-treat. Our ward doesn't have many kids, and the ones we do have, are pretty young. So, we had our trunk-or-treat indoors. The candy passer-outers sat in a circle of chairs, and the kids just went around to get their candy. It was pretty easy, which was nice since the kids were so little. :)
Joseph has been watching Tarzan a lot, so when my sister, Lora, offered to send up her elephant costume, we decided to be Tarzan (Jopes), Jane (Elizabeth), Tantar (Joseph), and Turk (Everlit). Thanks, Lora and Mama! We were not the most impressive versions of each, but we did our best. ;)
My little sister joined us at our ward party and took a couple pictures for us, but she either didn't notice that they were blurry, or didn't feel the need to mention it to us. Lesson learned-always check family pictures taken by someone else. :D
This is the best one we have:
Jane, Tantar, Tarzan and Turk

Aunt Anna and Joseph

Joseph and his cute black cat friend, Nora.

Tired little Tantar.

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