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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Everyday a Birthday Kind of Day!

Yesterday was my birthday. I had such a great day.
It started with presents in the morning...

Everlit gave me some beautiful flowers.

Joseph gave me pictures to fill the empty frames on my walls.

Jopes gave me a new key for our car,
(our old one was so worn, it sometimes wouldn't turn! I got stranded at the store for at least a half hour, just trying to turn it, and in the end, Jopes had our neighbor bring him down to help me!)
and he got me a new vacuum!!
(our old one got melted last winter, so it doesn't work very well at all. But our new one works great!!)

I got 3 delicious birthday meals, and a yummy chocolate birthday cake!
Joseph helped me blow out my candles, and then he kept wanting to blow them out! Instead of eating his piece of cake, he blew on it, like he was blowing out an imaginary candle over and over! We might have to get him one of those "trick" candles for his birthday!

Now, what I wanted more than anything was to just spend time with my family, having fun. And I got that, too! The most fun, was playing in the snow before Jopes had to go to school.
Joseph's friend, Nora, has a little sled that they shared yesterday. They loved it!
Later that day, we got one for Joseph and he loves it-even in the house!

But the BEST part of my birthday, was realizing that besides the presents, my wonderful birthday day was not much different than any other day! Yes, I have frustrating days and moments, and my life is far from perfect. However, I get to be with my family every day, and that makes it perfect to me. I am so grateful for my many blessings, and I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father for helping me to see so many of them.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes, everyone!

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  1. Happy Birthday to an exceptional lady. Jopes was lucky to find you