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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Forward

I have been terrible at blogging. Again. So, here's a quick update for our family:

Jopes just got promoted to Head Photo Tech at Walgreens. We are so grateful for this job. It's been wonderful for us. We recently got a new Bishop, which means a whole new Bishopric, which means Jopes got released as 2nd Counselor. It was a bitter-sweet day for us, but he's already been called into something new and we're glad he's being put to work.

I go back to school in a few days. I think my classes will be great, but I do look forward to the days after graduation (still way too far away) when I just get to be mom and wife, not student. :)

Joseph is our big little helper. He loves to be in charge of "making sure Everlit's happy." He acts so grown up and sometimes we're in awe at his ability to think and reason like an adult. He still loves robots, drawing, and movies, but he's really starting to play with his imagination. He loves to fly himself and his toys around the house. He plays really well with Everlit, though sometimes he just wants to play by himself. I can't believe he'll be 3 in just a few months!

Everlit is our social butterfly. She is so smiley and friendly with everyone. She adores her daddy and her big brother. When daddy comes home from work and she hears the door open, she drops whatever she's doing and "runs" out to great him with a great big hug. And any time she gets to play with or do something just like Joseph, she's a very happy girl. She loves shoes and clothes and baby dolls and anything girly. She's getting to be such a big girl and we've noticed that she is much more adventurous than what we're used to. Her first year went by so fast!

With the new year, we've of course made some new goals and some re-newed goals. We loved 2011 but hope to better ourselves a little more with each day of 2012.

Happy New Year!!

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  1. How fun! You are so stinkin cute! And your mom blog - great idea. I love this quote from one of my favorite motherhood books - There are many super moms but no "supermom." I guess your kids are like a year and a half apart? Same with our two! You have such a cute family!!!