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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Best. Husband. Ever.

NO JOKE!! My husband, Joseph Jamison Free, is the best husband ever! And for many reasons, but here is one that I'm so grateful for today.

Best-husband-ever didn't have work today, so we had planned on cleaning the house. Again. Because all the cleaning we did yesterday has already been un-done. Somebody pleasetell me this happens at your house, too! Anyway, later this morning, we were out of diapers for Everlit, and she had just gone down for her nap. Best-husband-ever wanted something from Walmart for the planted fish tank he's setting up, so he volunteered to take Joseph with him and get the diapers, too. I volunteered to take a 20 minute nap while they were gone. Sweet of me, I know. Well, next thing I know, Best-husband-ever comes in with Everlit, and I find out that he had closed my bedroom door when he got home so I would sleep longer (which I did--a LOT longer than I had planned), AND he changed 2 poopy diapers while I was snoozing! I have been so tired lately, I can't tell you how much I appreciated Best-husband-ever's sweet act of goodness today.

Thank you, Jopes! I LOVE YOU!!
P.S. Isn't he the most handsome guy ever?? I think so.

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