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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Idaho Falls Zoo!!

On Memorial Day, we went to the zoo with Becca (who got some better pictures on her camera) and some friends; Mike, Summer & Paxton, and Walter, Aria & Luca. It was the perfect size zoo for our one-year-olds, and we even enjoyed it, too!

Of course, the little boys all enjoyed the monkeys...
This is the particular monkey they are looking at in the picture above...

Joseph's absolute favorite was the lion, though.
According to Joseph, a lion says, "ahh" (whispered softly). Bet you didn't know lions were so quiet!
They had a male and a female lion. The female was sleeping at first, but then she got up and came closer:

Here's a FANTASTIC shot (not taken by me) of the zebras. :)
The little baby was just off by itself, looking much cuter.

It was a fun day and we plan on going back again!

Cute Story:
Last Sunday morning, Jopes was getting ready for his morning meetings and was ready for his tie. So, Joseph and I went to pick one out for him. After picking one, I gave it to Joseph to take to his dad. He did, but once he got to him, he instead decided to put the tie around his own neck. He took the two sides of the tie and smooshed them together as if that would tie it into a perfect knot around his neck. It was very cute.
He has a little bow tie (thanks Elann!) that he wears every Sunday now and he absolutely loves it, too. Probably because it makes him look so handsome. Even the married girls in our ward go ga-ga over him. ;)

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