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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Green Thumb??!

So, you might say I've gotten a green thumb all of a sudden. I've just had this urge to plant and grow things! So, right before Memorial Day, Jopes and I planted some...

This is what ours look like right now:

We also planted some Peas!
There are 15 little sprouts that look something like this:

And, we planted some Liliums.
Sadly, this pot was sitting furthest from the house and kind of drowned in all the rain we got. So there is only one sprouting up so far, out of five... but at least there is one!

for yesterday, we planted a 5' sunflower for Joseph in his own little pot.

And Jopes planted a whole bunch of Mammoth Sunflowers back behind our apartment, along the canal side of the fence. He's hoping for something nicer to look at back there than the current gas station billboard.

we planted Strawberries.
All our other plants started as either seeds or bulbs, but these, as you can see, were already started for us. Let's hope we can keep them alive! We all love strawberries. Joseph eats them faster than you can cut the green thing out of them! (Seriously, he shoved a good sized strawberry into his mouth, green stem and all, and devoured it clean).

Oh, and here's our little guy, who is 100% boy.
And can I tell you that we learned...
he loves dirt.
I took his pajama shirt off to put some clothes on, but before I could slip a shirt over his head, he threw a handful of dirt over his shoulder, which of course went right down his diaper (also notice the dirt smeared all down his arm). So he played this way until we were all done with the dirt and was so very happy. :) I sure do love my little boy!


  1. That is so fun! It's fun to have projects.
    And it's the best weather right now in Idaho to start planting things. There's just something about growing your own plants and taking care of them. So rewarding!

    Brett and i just started a new fish tank. It's so fun. It's only a 10 gallon, but we switched from goldfish to tropical fish, and it's so much fun to learn about everything. You can get really involved with an aquarium. I love my little tank and all the guppies and platies we have. That's our project for the moment.

  2. Oooh, if I ever get the "Green Thumb" I definitely want to plant strawberries, mmm.

    Kate and this baby will be something like 20 months apart. You are pretty far along with your little girl! That is so fun that you will have a boy and a girl. I'm sure she will be as cute as can be. Hope your pregnancy is going well.