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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Poor Abandoned Blog...

I know, our blog has been abandoned... lots to show and tell. We've been busy busy with little Joseph turning 1, me finishing my semester, and LOTS of cleaning! We've been going through all the boxes, drawers, and everything in our house, trying to get more organized. It feels good to have so much done! Oh, and this coming semester is sure to be a busy one for us, too. Jopes and I will both be in school, Jopes will be working the early morning custodial job on campus, as well as serving in our ward bishopric. He was sustained and set apart last week. It will be an adventure with little Joseph in sacrament meetings. I know that as soon as he figures out his daddy is up on the stand, it'll be a struggle to keep him from running up to him and distracting everyone. But it's an adventure we're ready to embrace, I guess... Wish us luck!

And I will post more and pictures in the near future!!


  1. bishopric!? holy cow! before you know it he'll be in the stake presidency:) lol.

  2. I'm so excited about your husband in the bishopric! You guys are just so great. I'm excited to get to know you both more. Good luck with a busy semester - call me if you EVER need a babysitter b/c I'm not working or in school right now! And Brady and Joseph get along great. :) It's nice that they're close in age b/c sometimes the little older toddlers can knock Brady right over, haha (oh well.. makes him tough, I guess!)

    And YAY for getting organized and sorting through boxes! I L.O.V.E. doing that too. :)

  3. Oh my word, how are you handling the fact that your baby's not a baby anymore?! I can hardly even fathom Brady will be one on May 21st. Gall! These pictures are adorable - how nice that you're close enough to family to celebrate with them!

  4. He just keeps growing whether we like it or not! Luckily though, each new phase is cute, so we just keep enjoying him! We need to get Brady and Joseph together this summer! It's so nice outside! :)