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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally, pictures from Little Joseph's Birthday!

We're playing a little bit of catch-up, so don't be surprised if there are suddenly a bunch of new posts with pictures! :)

~March 17, 2009~
Joseph Hord Free
blessed our home with his arrival

~March 17th 2010~
We celebrated his 1 year birthday down in Utah with TONS of family from both sides.
Some of us went down to Sweet's Candy Factory in Salt Lake and did their tour there.
We got to wear these awesome birthday hats:
When family came over that afternoon, we played Don't Eat Pete!
Aunt Becca and Grandpa Free made this totally cool lookin' cake...
the middle had a hidden compartment of m&ms!
Joseph got lots of great gifts from everyone. He still loves them all!
He had lots of helpers in opening them, too. :D
The last part of his party was watching him play in his cake.
Unfortunately, we only have video of the actual thing and it's pretty long...
he was pretty tired by this time though, so he was pretty timid.
A Happy Birthday Boy...
Tuckered out after a day all about him. :)
We love our little Joseph so much and are so happy to be his parents!
Happy Birthday Joseph!

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