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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Much Needed Update

Well, here's a much needed update, as I have not posted anything but the story of how Joseph and I came to be Mr. and Mrs. Free. :) We are still in Rexburg, Idaho, going to school and living the poor college student life. A little more fun is the fact that we are expecting a new little addition on St. Patrick's Day-March 17th 2009! I hope our baby doesn't turn out green if born on that day, but we will find out whether to plan for lots of blue or pink the day before Halloween. Our second ultrasound (the pictures here are from the first) is October 30th and as long as the baby cooperates, we'll find out if we're having a baby boy or a baby girl. We are very very excited. Other than that, it's just our usual around here. We both have school (my classes are in the evenings since I'm off track), Joseph works on campus and is trying to get started with his dad's company, I babysit once a week for a mom who's in school, and we try to keep the house clean in between. Joseph's calling in the ward is 4th Sunday teacher in the Elders Quorum, and I was just called as the primary pianist, which means I will probably be released as 4th Sunday teacher in the Relief Society. We'll see.
Our friends, Darr and Cara, had their baby about a month ago, so we'll be attending their baby's blessing this Sunday. Fun stuff! I keep seeing friends with their new babies and it makes me think mine isn't growing fast enough, because I want to hold and play with my baby now! But I have to give the baby time to grow so that we'll have a healthy one that I
can play with.
We've sent in our resumes for an assistant manager position for a boys apartment complex. We would live there, in one of the 3 bedroom apartments and work off our rent through clean checks, check ins and outs, answering phones, outside maintenence, etc.. It would really be a great thing for us, as I could do a lot of the work with the baby, and Joseph could still have another job, so we're hoping for it to work out in our favor. Interviews haven't started though, and I get more and more nervous the longer it takes. We'll see what comes of it.

I talked to my mom on the phone this morning and realized just how huge our break will be between semesters. We'll get out of school a week and a half before Christmas, and then we'll have all of next semester off as I'll be deferring, and he'll be off track. It will be so great to have that, with the baby coming that semester, and just because we've been going going going ever since our wedding. We had a nice long honeymoon, but it was busy with lots of traveling, and then we moved straight up here and started school. So, we'll finally get some time to organize our house, and really have time for each other, to reevaluate our goals and such. Whoohoo!!

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