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Friday, April 22, 2011

Too Warm Arizona

It's official. I'm a Rexburg girl. A small-town girl. A prefers bundling up to sweating in my elbows girl. A slower speed limit and fewer cars girl. Crazy, huh?

We went to Arizona for a week. It was wonderful, minus the hot weather that no one seemed to notice except us, and my mom having to work the whole time we were there. That was too bad. But! She is bringing Anna up for school this weekend, so we will get to spend some time with her here.

We really had a nice week. We got to see family (including my grandparents), old friends, the Easter Pageant, the Phoenix Zoo, and we got to swim one day! Oh. And, we got to fly there and back. It was so quick and so very wonderful. Everlit wouldn't let anyone hold her but me and Jopes. Joseph however, loved all his aunts and uncles. Especially Uncle Samuel on my side, and Uncle Andrew on the Free side. Any time we went to one house or the other, he'd cry about leaving someone at whichever house we were leaving.

Sunday, my brother Seth, who was in town just between flights snuck in and got Everlit out of our bed to play with her. She, being the only morning person in our little family, thought he was much more fun than sleeping mom and dad, so she actually let him and Stacie hold her all morning! It was great. And also a bummer that we didn't learn the "trick" until the last day we were there. Now we'll know for future reference that if you want to hold and play with Everlit, you've got to get up early with her. That's how you get on her good side.

A lot of our trip is on the video camera because I kinda misplaced our digital camera the day we got there. So, you don't get to see it. Sorry. I really need to learn how to get video from the video camera to the computer, but Jopes is never home to show me when I'm doing this. Oh well. Here are a few pictures from the digital camera after we found it:

My dad loves to rock babies. Everlit protested, but Grandpa won in the end and the two had a nice little nap together.

Joseph and his souvenir from the Phoenix Zoo. Thanks, Grandma Hord!

My brother, Steven, lives in Phoenix now, so Joseph got to play with his cousins Elliott and Patrick while we were there.

Everlit's never had so much sun in her life!

Joseph and his cousins played in the sprinklers. It was awesome! We do miss that part of living in AZ. Cooling off in swimming pools, sprinklers, etc on those hot summer days.

On the airplane headed home!

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  1. I know how you feel!!! When I first moved to Rexburg, I missed the busyness and over-crowdedness of home. Now that we've moved to Utah, I miss Rexburg SOOOO bad. It seems like everything just moves a little slower, people are nicer, driving is less traumatic, and my kids are safer. Aahhh, Rexburg might just be close to celestial glory ;)