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Monday, January 11, 2010

Home From the Holidays

We got to go down to Mesa for Christmas for 2 whole weeks! We had a great time with both our families and now we're back home in Rexburg. I'm back in school now, taking 13 credits. My schedule is pretty nice. I don't have any classes on Tuesday/Thursday, so I still get to be home with my baby those days. Yay!! Jopes is off-track now, so he gets to take care of little Joseph while I'm at school. He is also searching for a job. Little Joseph's top teeth are FINALLY breaking through! They started coming in back at Thanksgiving time, so we are very glad that they are coming in now. He keeps getting better at walking, though we're not quite there yet. Heavenly Father has greatly blessed our little family and we are so grateful. We're very excited about the new year and what it holds for us.

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