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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Winter Cold Is Here!!

The winter cold has arrived! This picture is from one of the first snows, but since then the temperature of Rexburg has dropped tremendously! I bundled little Joseph up today so we could go out and get the mail. He hates facing inward when we carry him, so of course, he was looking the direction we were walking. Well, the poor little guy couldn't breathe, it was so cold! He kept looking at me, trying to figure out what was wrong! He wasn't sure whether it was funny, or scary, either! He mostly gave me confused/worried looks, but once he giggled a little.
Anyway, besides having the cutest baby in the entire world, we only have a week and two days until Jopes is done with his classes! Then, we get to go home for Christmas!! We're very excited. Oh! We got past our brick wall with the apartment... I'll have to take some pictures and get them up.

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