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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He's HOME!!!

Jopes got back from his Grand Canyon field trip at about midnight:30 Sunday night/Monday morning. I was SO very happy to see him!! Even little Joseph jumped for joy... literally. He woke up a little bit before his dad got back because he's teething. So, I fed him, changed his diaper, and just as we were finishing that, we heard the door open. We hurried in to the living room and little Joseph stared at his dad for a second, then smiled great big and got all excited. It was wonderful. Except that Joseph didn't want to go back to bed after seeing his dad! As soon
as Jopes was holding him, he started jumping up and down the way he always does when his daddy is holding him (he's figured out by now that mom has no muscle and can't bounce him as
long or as well as dad). So we let him play on the bed with us
while we visited about his trip and happenings here at home.

It has been so nice to have Jopes home again. I did alright while he was gone because I had Becca here to help me and to keep me company, but life is just not the same without him! I really missed him. Little Joseph is happier with his daddy back, I'M happier with him back, and everything is just so much better.

Jopes had a great time. They got to stop at a few places on their way through Utah, including Arches and Goosenecks, and then of course, they ended it all with the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I've included a few pictures from his trip, but he has more for sure.

I've been blessed with a wonderful family. I love them more and more each day. I'm so grateful we will be together for time and eternity!
Welcome Home Jopes!!

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