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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well, we did it! We survived our first week of school... all three of us! Jopes and I are both on track this semester. We were able to arrange our schedules so that our classes flip-flop, which makes juggling the baby a little easier. I feel better leaving my baby, knowing that he's home with his daddy. I think both Joseph and I are excited for our classes this semester. Joseph has a field trip coming up next month. He'll be going to the grand canyon with his geology class, which means little Joseph and I will be here by ourselves for those 4 days! I'm dreading it, but it will be fun for Jopes to go, and it's a required 50% of his grade.
We got two more fish for our tank tonight: a dojo loach and a plecostomus (algae eater). There's only one more fish that we plan to get for this tank, and that is a red tailed shark. It's been fun to learn more about the fish and taking care of tanks with Jopes. I think it'll be even more fun when little Joseph is old enough to enjoy the fish, too.

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