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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Shopping!

In the beginning of December,
Joseph and I made a paper chain to count down for Christmas.
However, rather than label each day
with the number of days until Christmas,
we supplied a Christmas-time activity for each night.
It's been a lot of fun. We have family night/date night every night!!
I'm thinking we need to make a chain for
every month!
Anyway, tonight's activity was to go do our Christmas shopping.
One of the things we got is a puzzle to start off our family's tradition--
we want to do a new puzzle as a family every year for Christmas.

We wanted to get the "Autumn Whitetails" puzzle, but alas, it was not available.
So, this year's puzzle is "Time Well Spent." 750 pieces.
(This picture shows 700, but our box definitely says 750)
We decided to start it tonight, but realized that we have a problem--
we don't have a table big enough to hold the entire puzzle!
Our apartment was partially furnished, though mostly unfurnished.
Still, there used to be a kitchen table in it,
but it disappeared when the last tenants left... so we don't have one.

Nonetheless, we are excited about our puzzle and
our first Christmas as a family of our own.
I am so grateful that I married an incredible man
who loves and cherishes me so dearly.
It makes all our time together wonderful.
I'm so happy that I get to spend eternity with him.


  1. I love puzzles! Do you glue them and keep them, or break them up to do again? I don't think I could ever do a large puzzle again; I'd rather keep it. Reid and I tried to do a James C. Christiansen puzzle two years ago, but we just couldn't finish it. 1/3 was foresty darkness...

    Good luck!

    P.S. You should use a large piece of cardboard to do the puzzle on. Then you could slide it under the couch when you aren't working on it.

  2. Good idea! Thanks for the tip. We still haven't finished, but we are bound and determined. :)
    It's a tough one though, so we'll see how motivated we are in a month or so...