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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Moved!

On Tuesday, October 28th, Joseph and I found out we were accepted as the new assistant managers of Sunrise Village Apartments, a BYU-Idaho mens approved housing complex just across the street from the campus stadium. We packed up GG (our car-G for Grandma and G for Grandpa Jamison!) a lot of times and moved just about everything by the end of the week. We finished on Tuesday of the next week, and now we are in a 3 bedroom apartment. We still don't get to use our beautiful washer and dryer, but at least we get to store them inside now, rather than outside. We like our new apartment, and it's so nice to be back across the street from campus. A little extra FYI, Joseph and I both lived in complexes right next door to where we are now before we got married, so we're back in the old neighborhood! This time though, we get to live together and we like it much more this way!


  1. Will you still be in our ward? :( If not, we sure will miss you! How nice to have a three bedroom apartment though!!! That would be so much fun to be managers over men's housing! They're pretty easy to manage! Girls are the hard ones!

  2. Nope, we're not in the ward anymore. That was the saddest part of moving for us! We love that ward! We like it here, though. It's the right thing for us for now. Make sure you hold those adorable Bishop girls extra for me! ;)